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Koton Kulture specializes in 100% high quality Turkish Cotton. Excellent use for baby-care, travel, wellness and leisure Peshtmals are also known as towels, wraps, blankets and throws. Our focus is to provide you and your family with sustainable and Eco-friendly products.


Soft, cuddly, handmade knit and crochet stuffed toys for babies and kids of all ages. All toys are handcrafted in Canada.The company was founded in 2018.


We hope you enjoy our premium & environmentally-friendly soy candles. ThreeLittleBirdsXOXO began 4 years ago as a personal hobby of mine. I shared them with friends & family and could not believe the positive response. They were impressed with the clean - no soot & long burn time of them . As well as, being completely 100% natural. Our soy candles are also phthalate & animal free. We dedicate ourselves in creating superior products & we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


Panchhi is one of the few brands in the world that creates 100% chemical-free and sustainable linens. Our products are truly a gift from nature and a gift for nature, created in a completely eco-friendly, fair-trade and zero-wastage manner, right from sourcing of fabric to printing to stitching. 

Panchhi Inc. 


A children's author, hairdresser, and mom, Abby Zaitley is a true "jack of all trades." Together with her fellow creative and their baby, she runs Tall Dork and Matching, a Toronto-based blog that chronicles their crafty adventures ranging from woodworking to writing. Across all of her work, Abby's mission remains to infuse beauty and heart into everything she creates.


Pick Me is the exclusive distributor in Canada of the Brazilian brand Puket. Besides the highest quality and extremely adorable, each pair of socks are incredibly unique. The idea is to bring life to the boring white socks. Does not matter your style, gender or age, we have something special for you. We have amazing socks for social, elegant, sport, funky, funny or any other moment. 


All Amal's Apothecary Inc. products are made out of natural and organic essential oils and other plant-based, all-natural ingredients. Our products are free of chemicals, pthalates, parabens, sulphates, synthetic fragrances, and dyes. We aim to provide the best that nature has to offer! 


Munchkin develops innovative, modern, and credible products for babies and children that make parents' lives easier and more enjoyable by thinking of "the little things.

As a new parent, nothing is more important than the touch and feel of your baby’s skin. It is of the utmost importance to protect it with every means possible. Aleva Naturals offers a complete range of natural and plant-based products for both moms and babies. Our products are free from any hidden chemicals that may trigger skin irritations, dryness or pose long-term health risks.

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Buy Some Love is a handmade brand that started in 2009 run by Kristina, a Toronto Mom of 4. Buy Some Love is family run. The kids (ages 11-5) love designing and creating the pieces alongside Mom and Dad. They are the inspiration behind every piece found in the shop. If you see Buy Some Love at any local shows, you'll most likely meet 2, if not all the kids showing off their entrepreneurial spirit.

Tiny and Perfect is a small Toronto business that creates classically modern and unique baby accessories for infants of all ages. Carefully sourced food grade silicone products and high-quality wools and yarn make Tiny and Perfect a comfortable choice when looking for safe and natural accessories for your baby. All items are hand-made with careful attention to detail, and materials are sourced through Canadian suppliers.

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Little Bean is a Canadian handmade brand that specializes in producing accessories for children. We design our accessories from sophisticated and trendy textiles locally sourced in Toronto and around the world. Little Bean carries a wide selection of “droolproof” bandana bibs, adjustable bow ties, Scrunchies, hair bow clips and headbands. Our accessories are the perfect addition to any outfit!

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At Bee Clean Boutique we strive to provide homemade quality bath and body products using 100% certified organic ingredients that will keep your skin nourished and moisturized. We are eco-friendly and ensure that we minimize our carbon footprint as much as possible. We aim to provide products that are good for you, your loved ones, and the earth.

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Dough Parlour was created by its founder after spending more than 10 years refining and defying her dough recipe. Through the use of various cheerful scents, potencies, and vibrancy of colors, along with the unmissed element of texture, the ultimate sensory play experience had been born. The dough only includes 100% non-toxic ingredients, in order to stimulate the senses, emotion, memory and fine motor skills in a safe environment. 

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Kiwiana is created by a group of single moms, seasonal workers and people with disabilities with the mission of " SPREAD THE LOVE - WIDEN A DREAM" for children through unique, lovely, and soulful handmade products.

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Custom by SOP is a design house specializing in contemporary apparel for the little humans in our life. They aim to provide affordable personalized and unique gifts to celebrate every day with your favorite lil' people.

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