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Preparing for Your Visit

Ahead of Time

Please ensure your little one is well rested (avoid booking during nap time) so that they can enjoy their time to the fullest extent. Ensure your little one is well fed, at least 30 minutes before their appointment.

What to Bring

As a full-service spa for babies, we will provide you with all of the necessary items for your baby’s treatment, including a complementary swimming diaper, towels, floatation device and oils.

For older children that do not wear diapers, please bring swimming clothes (ie. swimming trunks for boys, and swimming suit for girls).

If your child has sensitive skin, please feel free to bring their own towel. 

Like any other outing, if your child has specific food or snacks that you would like to bring along in case, please feel free to do so.

In addition, a change of clothes may good to have on hand.


Please plan to arrive on time for your appointment so that you may change your baby and enjoy some of our complementary refreshments.

When you arrive, you will be asked to remove your shoes, to maintain cleanliness in the spa, and wear sanitized slippers during your appointment.

Additional Amenities

Our spa is perfectly catered for the relaxation of your baby, yourself and any older children that may have come along.

You may lounge in the spa, and enjoy our refreshments, including coffee and tea for adults.

We have a play area with toys catered to young children of all ages.

We also offer Wi-Fi, for any of your on-the-go needs.


Life happens, and we completely understand. We ask that you provide us with 24-hours advanced notice in case you need to cancel, so that we can manage accordingly and figure out the next most suitable time for you and your little one to join us! A cancellation fee of $30+tax will be applied if cancellation occurs within less than 24 hours.

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