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hello bello, the latest diaper brand on the block!

Our customers at Snuggles n Bubbles have the opportunity to try out the hello bello diapers and other products at the spa. For most of our customers, this is the first-time trying diapers from hello bello. I have found that parents are typically very hesitant on switching brands once they have found something comfortable that works. Sampling the product at the spa is a great way to experience the brand before purchasing.

We took reviews from a selection of your customers on what they thought of the hello bello diapers:

“The first time I tried a hello bello project was at Snuggles n Bubble spa. I loved the fact they were organic, smelled lovely and blended into the skin smoothly without leaving any residue.”

“The cutest prints on the diapers! The prints are adorable, and the diapers seem very durable. They worked very well for us as we did not have any leaks or blowouts with the hello bello diapers”

“We loved these. I wish we knew about them earlier. All those harmful chemicals in other diapers. We definitely recommend them. We did not notice any rashes or irritations caused by the diapers. We made the choice of switching over to the hello bello brand. Thank you Snuggles n Bubbles for introducing us to hello bello.”

“My son’s diapers would always smell even if he had only peed in the diaper once. When we tried the hello bello diapers at Snuggles we noticed that the diaper controlled the smell. The diapers didn’t leak even after not changing for a few hours. I highly recommend the hello bello diapers.”



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