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Snuggles n Bubbles - the Best Baby Spa in Toronto!

It’s a common assumption that babies don’t have a complicated life and have no worries. “They’re like one years old, what could they possibly be stressing about?” It’s true, but that doesn’t mean the stress they are experiencing isn’t as harmful as the stress we all face. Just like you and I, babies too need a way to destress and relax, and what better way than to visit the best baby spa in Toronto?

Snuggles n Bubbles Baby Spa is a place for parents and children to unwind. Our goal is to be the best baby spa in Toronto and the surrounding area. Our spa is designed to be an open concept for the comfort of the family. We also have a BIG TUB that is perfect for family outings and play dates, because it’s always more fun with company! Our spa offers baby massage, hydrotherapy, and even massages for parents! You thought only the baby was going to do all the relaxing? Don’t worry, we got you covered! Aside from the big tub and mini tubs, we've got a lounge area for the parents and play area for the kids with a station for beverages and snacks!

Babies are also treated with a choice of one of four natural and organic essential oils that target a common baby needs. These include a relaxing, lavender-based oil for better sleep, a frankincense essential oil that supports the baby’s immune system, a soft calendula oil to relieve dry skin, and an oil infused with fennel and ginger for aiding with tummy troubles. Our most popular oil is the relaxing baby for better sleep.

What are the benefits of spa treatments for babies?

Massage: Not only are you providing relaxation for the baby, but the benefits are much deeper. Massaging your baby a few times a day for about 15 minutes can improve growth hormone for weight gain in underweight babies and not to mention building interaction with the baby. Physical interactions help provide neurological behaviour and cognitive benefits for a developing baby. In addition, massage supports blood flow, digestion, muscle development, cognitive development and of course improves sleep in babies.

Hydrotherapy: If your baby is a little cranky from being gassy and constipated, hydrotherapy is definitely an option to consider! It not only promotes stimuli for the body’s circulatory system but it also improves sleep, promotes good posture and balance, and strengthens bones and muscles! It’s also found in studies that hydrotherapy, followed by massage, tends to be beneficial for both the development of physical and mental health of infants. Thankfully Snuggle n Bubbles offers both either as separate sessions or as a joint session!

Our goal at Snuggle n Bubbles Baby Spa is to help improve the health and wellness for each and every person that walks through our doors. A happy, resting baby means a happy, relieved mom and dad!

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