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Snuggles n Bubbles Baby Spa hosts our First Baby Blogger Event!

October is small business month. For this month, we figured what better way to support local GTA businesses by hosting our first baby blogger event!

You may be wondering what a baby blogger event is, and where the idea came from. The truth is that since our business opened right in the middle of Covid, we’ve been really struggling. Of course, other small businesses like ours are in the same boat. Therefore, we decided to host an event in collaboration with several bloggers who are keen on supporting local businesses. The influence and trust that bloggers have with their followers is unmatched, and to use such influence for a greater cause is amazing!

With a space of over 1,500 square feet in the centre of Toronto, we knew that we could host a Covid-friendly event at Snuggles n Bubbles Baby Spa. The baby blogger event was centered around our core business, infant massage – and what better way to share this service than through an infant massage class for the attendees! Our Registered Massage Therapist is a graduate of the Centennial College Massage Therapy Program, and is also an expecting mom. She loves teaching new moms the techniques and processes of infant massage.

At our spa, we use a baby-safe, organic oil for our services. For the massage class, Shoosha’s owner, Patricia, offered to sponsor a beautiful package for all the attendees that included various Shoosha products. These where a big hit and we cannot be more thankful the Partnership with Shoosha Organic Oils.

Another key sponsor was Just for Fun Playcentre, a very close and dear partnership for Snuggles n Bubbles Baby Spa. Just for Fun is located at Warden and St. Clair and has over 12,000 sq ft of fun for children of all ages. Unfortunately, play centres are one of the hardest hit businesses during Covid. The owners, Sanna and Fran, have been very positive throughout this challenge and have diversified their services, including custom-made products and all-inclusive packages for at-home birthday parties. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking to celebrate key milestones for their children in a creative way during this pandemic.

Aleva Natural provides a wide variety of pure, natural and vegan baby and maternity skincare products. Our team at Snuggles n Bubbles has built an amazing relationship with Aleva, and we sell their products at our Baby Spa. We absolutely love this product, as we have used it on our own children from day one, and can attest to the gentle nature and effectiveness of the products, especially given they are vegan and eczema friendly.

Hello Bello, co-founded by Kristen Bell, is also a great partnership that Snuggles n Bubbles Baby Spa has cultivated. We offer Hello Bello products at each of our massage stations, including diapers, baby lotion, baby oil, diaper cream, baby powder and wipes for anyone to try out. The Hello Bello products are premium quality and still affordable to everyday parents. Hello Bello provided every blogger with a gift box filled with baby bath products!

Snuggles n Bubbles Baby Spa also sells Munchkin products, as we are in love with the innovative, modern, and credible products for babies and children the Munchkin creates. Munchkin has supported our business from the beginning as they gifted 100 of our first customers with rubber ducks – a ducky that is loved by all our babies! Munchkin sponsored the event by offering each blogger with their new Munchkin Colour Buddies – this product is an instant hit as the babies love how the water changes colours in the hydrotherapy tubs!

Medela, another of our key sponsors, is a global leader in breastfeeding products. When we opened, Medela provided samples to share with our clients. At our Baby Spa we understand that each child’s feeding journey is different and we encourage all our moms to feel comfortable with whatever option they choose for their child. We provided all the bloggers a package of various breastfeeding products to either use for themselves or share with a friend or family member.

BioGaia was definitely magic for our household. A friend recommended BioGaia probiotics for my second child as he was very colicky. We HIGHLY recommend these to any new parents. Bio Gaia sent Vitamin D samples and BioGaia drops for all the attendees as they can be used for any age. Every blogger loved this package!

And what event is complete without food? Halal Meals provided fully packed meals of Chicken and Veggie alfredo, to eat at home. Halal Meals provides weekly meal delivery services in Canada and the U.S. They have become a regular in our household during those busy week when we aren’t able to cook. Event at Canada provided us with Desserts and an amazing backdrop for our fall photos! The business is run by a husband and wife team and they go above and beyond in everything they do to make their service exceptional. We are so thankful for their partnership. Characutable is a small business that also started during Covid and relies heavily on events for her business. Unfortunately similar our spa, the business has been severely impacted by Covid. They provided all the attendees with the most amazing customized artisanal platter - these Charcutable boards are exquisite! Finally, Sugarush Desserts sponsored the event with some great white chocolate brownies!

Oteas tea is available at our snack bar. The owner, Kristen, also sponsored the event by sending several samples for the bloggers. Trust us - once you try these teas you can’t go back to your regular tea. They are made from natural caffeine, gluten free and 100% plastic free and taste amazing.

Green press provided all the attendees their certified organic cold pressed juice. Green Press is a local Toronto juice store, that has 3 locations across the GTA. The juices are all-natural, made of cold-pressed fruit and vegetables. These juices were an amazing way for everyone to cool down.

Healthy Planet has various locations across Canada. They provides the highest quality vitamins, supplements and remedies for all lifestyle needs. The owners of Healthy Planet were incredibly collaborative and offered Healthy Planet Gift Cards for all the bloggers and for them to do a giveaway. Look out for giveaways in the near future to win a $25 gift card!

Happy brand has been very supportive of Snuggles n Bubbles Baby Spa. The owner provided Happy Sanitizers to all the attendees. The sanitizers are crafted in small batches and are specifically formulated with ingredients such as aloe and vitamin E to help keep your skin feeling supple without drying. Happy Unscented Hand Sanitizer are also proudly Made in Canada. We love using them at Snuggles n Bubbles, and, anyone else who has used them loves them.

Duckish, a natural beauty brand, is also proudly Made in Canada. The lotion sticks are very handy and conveniently packed to just drop right into your purse. The product is also safe to use on sensitive/ eczema skin. Another beauty brand is November Blossom, who provides natural skincare for children. Claudia started her journey when she gave birth to her daughter in November and was looking for a skin product with only natural ingredients. All attendees received the November Blossom diaper stick, which is super portable to leave in any travel bag.

BeeClean, a local business in Toronto, makes any shaped natural soaps and bath bombs for babies. For the blogger event, the owner, Genevieve, wanted to provide the mom bloggers with something special. It’s important to take time out for yourself, so BeeClean made the cutest doughnut lemon glazed bath bombs for each mom.

JHK enterprise is another key partner at Snuggles n Bubbles. Where do we even begin? We absolutely love this product. The moment we tried these masks we fell in love. We wanted all our customers to try these masks and the amount of positive feedback has been amazing. For all of October, each client receives a free anti-bacterial mask after their appointment! These masks come in various sizes and easily fit babies from 3 months plus. They are easily breathable and can even be worn while working out.

Finally, Bokeh Light, our exclusive photographer who partnered with us at Snuggles n Bubbles for multiple events. Nour, the owner, recently quit her full-time to pursue her passion in photography. Not only did Nour sponsor the blogger event (all photos on this blogpost were taken by Nour!), but she also partnered with us to host our Fall Baby Photoshoot. Nour has been a fantastic partner and we highly recommend booking her for any photography needs you have!

October is small business month. Every business, including Snuggles n Bubbles Baby Spa is struggling to survive. This has been the hardest test for any business. Events such as the blogger event are small ways for us to showcase other small business and give everyone a little bit more motivation to keep going through this pandemic. We cannot be thankful enough to our sponsors for supporting our event and taking part. The event would have not be possible without each and every one of you. We are super thankful for the partnerships and the relationships we have created.

We hope to make this event a semi annual event, so look out for another one in June 2021. If you would like to sponsor the event or attend as a blogger, please reach out to

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