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Partake Non-Alcoholic Beer : Socialize while breastfeeding

Haseena Ishmail reviewed Partake Non-Alcoholic Beer brewed by Partake Brewing. Partake Brewing was founded by Ted Fleming with the goal to bring all the things that make craft beer great to non-alcoholic beer drinkers including taste, variety, authenticity, creativity, and passion. The company has been previously featured on Dragon's Den.

As an occasional beer drinker, I tend to crave a cold beer on a hot summer day. However, as a first-time mom who is breastfeeding, I prefer not to even take a sip of beer. I was able to crack open Partake’s Blonde Non-Alcoholic beer for an afternoon thirst quencher on my 30th birthday and it was perfect! If I didn't know, I wouldn’t have been able to decipher that it was non-alcoholic. The IPA, Ale, Blonde and Stout all had the right aroma, colour and taste. The consistency was also almost flawless, however, I did find that the Stout was a little more carbonated than a Guinness, which is the only Stout I’ve ever tried.

In addition, they are only 10-30 calories per serving size, which fit into my diet to lose my baby weight. Overall, I highly recommend giving each type a try, they’re so light and refreshing!

Haseena reviewed the IPA, Ale, Blonde and Stout crafts.


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