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Medela Easy Expression Bustier

Anum Rauf reviewed Medela Easy Expression Bustier. The Medela Easy Expression™ Bustier is a must-have for hands-free pumping and added freedom for every mom! The Bustier features Medela’s Adaptive Stretch™ Technology for exceptional fit and comfort. Reinforced openings offer best in-class support during pumping, even when bottles are full!

Great product! Loved the quality, it’s soft and stretchable. Small was a bit tight for me even though I’m a 34D but it did the job as the material is stretchable. Love that it adapts to your body and it’s not uncomfortable to move around with it on. The zip and hook are good quality, you can easily zip it up and hook without struggling. Even though this was just a bit tight for me from the top, I was still able to quickly zip and hook without any issues. I really like the nude color too. I honestly would wear this bustier under dresses even if I wasn’t pumping. I used it with my Medela double electric pumps and it worked great, got a lot of house work done while pumping. The pumps were fitted easily. Its definitely a perfect size opening. I really was not a fan of holding my pumps for hours in my hands. Especially when my daughter was a few weeks old. I wish I knew of this product then as i struggled a lot with pumping. As a working, new mom it definitely made hands-free pumping easier for me. Highly recommend.


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