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Keep Calm and Parent On

The Ontario government just announced schools will be closed for an additional 2 weeks after March break. Need tips and tricks to survive the next 3 weeks? We put together some helpful resources.


Home Depot Kids - DIY Workshop

The March workshop was to build wooden binoculars. The activity was now been cancelled due to COVID-19; however, they are providing the kits to take home. The kits come with everything you need besides a hammer and a screwdriver.

Suitable for kids 5+


Bake with Kids

Have a great time while baking some yummy goodies! Few easy baking recipes that don’t require many ingredients or time are:

  • Banana Bread

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • Oatmeal Cookies


Dinner with Kids

The Food Network has put together 13 easy recipes for kids to try. Entertain the kids and get dinner done at the same time!


Science at Home

Use household items to conduct some amazing experiments. Please see link below:

Let’s teach kids the importance of hand-washing with this simple, fun and educational activity:


Math at Home

Anyone looking for free printable math worksheets? Math Drills has countless accessible for free based on topic and learning level.

Amazon also has some amazing math activity books that can be shipped the next day.


Movie Night

Great time for a family movie night! Netflix has a selection for kids of all ages. You can also rent movies from Cineplex to watch at home.


Game Night

Board games sitting in the drawer? Wipe off the dust and let the competition begin.



It’s important to give kids independent playtime also. What better way than providing them with Legos or puzzles? Both activities are very vital for brain/cognitive development.


Activity Book

Similar to math books, Amazon has a variety of activity books for reading, writing, puzzles, etc. The exercise books are based on age and provide hours of fun and educational learning.


Thank you Cards

Arts and crafts are an easy way for kids to get hours of entertainment. Get kids to make their own ‘Thank You’ cards to their teachers, grandparents or anyone else important in their lives.


DIY Projects


Gardening 101

Simple and inexpensive to start plant seeds in clear plastic cups and allow young gardeners to watch seeds sprout. A great introduction to the life cycle of plants.



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