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Hello Bello - Diaper Rash Cream

We have tried various diaper creams over the years on both my kids. There have even been times when the diapers rashes were so severe that we have required a prescription from the doctor. Our little one has extremely sensitive skin and ends up with a diaper rash very frequently.

The major cause of a diaper rash is due to irritation from stool and urine. If the diaper is not changed immediately after the baby poops, the baby’s skin will become irritated and become red.

I decided to try the Hello Bello – Diaper Rash Cream recently. I had to wait until he had a diaper rash to see if it really worked. I was surprised! I did not expect his diaper rash to be completely be gone by morning.

The difference between Hello Bello’s diaper cream and other products I have tried is that the texture is a little thicker than other normal diaper creams. Therefore, it stays on his skin for the entire duration of the night and as a result, protects the baby’s delicate skin from further irritation. Since the product is a little thicker it does take a little effort to get it out of the container. However, I used a very small amount and it was very easy to spread as well.

The product is also vegan friendly, which is a bonus for our family. Lastly, the price of the product is very affordable with a 4oz bottle only costing $7.98 which is cheaper than most diaper rash creams on the market.

I would highly recommend this product and would give it a product rating of 5 out of 5.

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