Service and Offerings

  • Your little one will enjoy a soothing massage by a trained professional. Each RMT has received training on specific techniques catered to the unique anatomy of babies and toddlers.

  • The medical advantages of massaging an infant are well documented and awareness is rapidly growing in the general population. These benefits include increased mobility, muscle development, improved digestion and better sleep.

  • The service is covered by most insurance plans. 

  • Massages are offered for babies from 3 months to 6 years. 



  • Your little one will enjoy a serene dip in our specially designed hydrotherapy tubs, for babies from 3 months - 3 years old.

  • Hydrotherapy assists in the development of muscles, improves cognition and advances motor skills.  

  • We understand that safety is a parent's #1 priority. We have one tub for each baby, and we drain, sanitize and refill each tub between every use. We do not use chlorine which can irritate the soft skins of little ones.

  • Our specially designed tubs are 100% baby safe and have built-in auto shutdown  and temperature control to maintain an optimal environment for our young clients. 


Drop-in Classes

  • Our goal is not just to be a typical baby spa. Rather we aim to be a hub in the community for parents and their little ones. Snuggles n Bubbles offers drop-in classes for parents and babies to bond and develop skills. 

  • Classes are offered on a variety of topics and activities. Please visit our Events page for upcoming classes or join our mailing list to receive updates on upcoming classes. 


Circle Sessions with Experts


  • Raising a child is hard work and we know you have questions. Our experts deliver educational sessions on various aspects of child-rearing, provide advice and answering questions. 

  • Our experts are medical professionals with proficiency in their chosen fields. Circle sessions are generally free of charge.

  • If you have a particular topic that you would like to requests or you are a medical professional that would like to lead a session, please email us using the link below.