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Aleva Natural - Stain and Laundry Bar

Maryam Attia reviewed Aleva Stain and Laundry Bar; a natural, vegan and baby-safe stain removing bar formulated specifically for the pre-treatment of stubborn stains and for hand washing delicates. This vegetable based bar is tough on dirt but gentle on skin and is perfect for use while on-the-go!

It took me until baby number 3 to find the best baby poop stain remover. I remember for my first two, I ended up throwing out a bunch of onesies because I just couldn’t remove the poop stains. I currently have a 4 month old who regularly stains his clothes. And as parents let’s be honest, the amount of diaper explosions we have all gone through during the first 3 months. I ended up throwing a bunch of stuff...that is until I discovered this stain remover soap! One word...WOW! There is no evidence of an explosive diaper! To believe it you must see it! This is a must for any mom, so easy to use, you just scrub before popping it into the wash. The bar only cost $6 and would last months. It has also helped with removing stains cause by my older two kids: from eating berries from our strawberry picking rip, crayon marks and ketchup stains. I also wanted to add all Aleva products are baby-safe and vegan friendly. I highly recommend this stain and laundry remover bar for all moms.


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