Our Blog Team


Mehnaaz Bholat

I am one of the Co-Founders of Snuggles n Bubbles. However, more importantly before that I am a mom of 2 boys and one angel. I started my motherhood journey early and because of it had to do a lot of learning. It was hard for me to find people in my friends’ circles that I could go to for advice, therefore a lot of trial and error learning was done. Fast forward, 5 years later and I can say I love to share my experience of my motherhood journey with my friends and family.


I also work as an internal auditor and volunteer on the Board of Warden Woods Community Centre. Outside of being a mom I love to keep myself active by playing sports and doing DIY projects. Most importantly I am a big fan of finding myself some Me time.


Jennifer Kapedani

Hi, I'm Jennifer. A 33 year old Chartered Accountant in Toronto, Wife and Mom of a 2 year old boy, Max, and 6 month old girl, Aila.


As much as I now love being a Mom, it wasn't always this way and there was a lot about motherhood that took me by surprise. Yes being a mother and being able to have children is beautiful and a blessing, but it is also hard AF.


Currently on my second mat leave, during which I finally found the courage to start my blog (forkintherd.wordpress.com) chronicling the realities of motherhood that no one really talks about - not the prenatal classes, not the books, certainly not the beautifully curated Mommy Instagram pages. I want to talk about the everyday struggles of Motherhood, but also the small wins that all Moms should talk about and celebrate because no one knows better than us how badly we need to be celebrated!


Lamyaa Bouzida

My name is Lamyaa and I am a Moroccan-American, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I moved to Canada over a year ago when I got married to my Canadian husband.  recently gave birth to my little angel, Zakariya, on July 2019. 


I am a new mother, part-time influencer via Instagram, and I work in finance. Being a mother was a new experience for me and nothing that I read could have prepared me for the real thing (you probably heard that before but trust me, its true). From pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding, it has been a stressful yet rewarding couple of months. In my culture, new mothers are treated like new brides. Moroccans believe that mothers who just gave birth are extremely vulnerable and must be welcomed, honoured, nurtured, nourished and celebrated. Motherhood is such a beautiful journey and I hope to share my personal experience as it unfolds.


Renata deCastro

As an Ontario Certified Elementary teacher, Renata has combined her love for teaching and health and wellness, by becoming a registered Yoga instructor. She believes in nurturing the mind, body and spirit through making health conscious lifestyle choices. Renata is very aware of what she puts in and on her body, and she is always willing to share and discuss healthier food and beauty alternatives!

As a mom, Renata’s passion for health and wellness inspired her day-to-day activities throughout pregnancy and her birthing options. Renata was diagnosed with postpartum anxiety, shortly after giving birth to her daughter. With a growth mindset, she continues to implement effective wellness strategies to help her heal. As health conscious as Renata is, she shares that postpartum anxiety/depression/baby blues can happen to ANYONE, but with the right supports in place, mothers can overcome this battle.


Khalisa McCooty

My name is Khalisa wife and mother of 3.  Zahier four,  Zaria two and half and Zayne six months. I am a legal professional in Toronto.

Motherhood has been the most challenging task I have EVER taken on. I work in a fast paced demanding environment and that pales in comparison to being a mother. Many days I've shed tears because I felt defeated. I didn't know my own strength until these little people came into my world. They have taught me patience, endurance, wisdom and have made me so much stronger. They are truly a blessing

I have also learned the importance of supporting other mother's especially first times moms and women in general. No matter our Race/Ethnicity, economic status or cultural differences.  We all face the same challenges and we should have each other backs cause let's be real who run the world??!!