Insurance FAQ

How do I add my child to my insurance plan?

After your baby is born, you have 31 days to call your insurance company and add your child to your insurance plan. In addition, upon every annual renewal, you will be able to add your child to your insurance plan.

Is my baby’s massage and hydrotherapy covered by group insurance plans?

If you have massage coverage by your group insurance plan through your employer, your dependents will generally have the same coverage for massage and hydrotherapy as well. Coverage may vary, whether it is the percentage covered or a fixed amount per session. It is best to call your insurance provider and check, to make sure you are familiar with your specific coverage plan.

Is my baby’s individual hydrotherapy session covered?

Without booking a massage appointment, hydrotherapy is not covered as a separate service.

Is an insurance receipt provided?

Yes, we provide a receipt with all of the necessary information required to make an insurance claim. 

Does Snuggles n Bubbles do direct billing?

At the moment, we do not offer direct billing. However, if you would like our assistance in checking whether you have insurance coverage, please email or call us, with the following information:

Primary Member's Name

Dependent’s Name (ie. your baby’s name)

Policy Number

Plan ID

We commit to responding within 24 hours with a confirmation.