Health Benefits Q & A

What are the health benefits of infant massage? 

According to the International Association of Infant Massage, the benefits can be categorized into the following four groups:

  1. Interaction

  2. Stimulation

  3. Relief

  4. Relaxation

What are the benefits of touch?

Touch is a form of interaction. The research conducted by the Mayo Clinic has shown that intentional touch can help neurologic behavioural and cognitive benefits to a developing infant. The benefits can range from helping the baby relax and sleep to regulating the release and control of stress hormones. Research has also indicated the benefits of massages towards weight gain for premature babies.

Does infant massage have any effects on sleep?

Tiffany Field, PhD, at Touch Research Institutes conducted a study with infants and toddlers that had sleep problems. Her research concluded that when parents massaged their babies for 15 minutes before bedtime each day for a month, there were fewer sleep delays.

What impact does infant massage have on the function of the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract?

Ample research has shown that various massage techniques can help digestion and release gas that causes distress for both babies and parents as result of constipation.

What benefits does infant massage have on weight gain for underweight babies?

A study conducted by Doctor Field found that preemies who were massaged three times a day for 15 minutes gained 47%more weight and left the hospital an average of six days earlier than those who were not massaged.

What are the benefits of hydrotherapy ?

There are numerous tremendous benefits to hydrotherapy for infants, some include improving sleep; strengthening muscles, bones, and motor skills; stimulating cognitive development; establishing balance and good posture; and promoting good growth in these early stages of their life.

What are the benefits of hydrotherapy on gassy babies?

When babies are partially immersed in water and engaging in physical activity (swimming), it promotes relaxation through the release of endorphins and stimulates the body's circulatory system which overall helps their GI tract function more efficiently. With the systems working better, it improves digestion, relieves gas, and relieves their discomforts; leaving them soothed and likely ready for a nap!